Sushi and Beyond英国一家、日本を食べる

  • 24 x 20 min. + 1 x 49 min.
  • EAN1S004-001~025
  • English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

With Japanese food fast becoming popular worldwide, this comedy animation follows a British family on a culinary journey to Japan. One day, British food writer Michael picks up a book on Japanese food, and instantly falls in love with it. Wanting to experience for himself how real Japanese dishes taste, on the spur of the moment he takes his wife and two children on a trip to Japan. On their first evening in the country, the family heads to Omoide Yokocho, an alley in Shinjuku filled with small restaurants. Michael tries some yakisoba noodles, which he thinks look like soggy worms, and soon acquires a taste for them. He smacks his lips after eating some fancy tempura in Ginza, feasts on chanko hot pot at sumo stable, and is blown away by crab dishes from Hokkaido. The British family’s gastronomic journey continues with all kinds of Japanese food and ingredients, including pickled mackerel sushi, tofu, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, ramen, wasabi, soy sauce, miso paste, and of course, Japanese sake!

1. Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho / 新宿・思い出横丁

2. Super High-Grade Tempura / 最高の天ぷら

3. The Essence of Japanese Cuisine / 日本料理の神髄

4. Sumo-Sized Food / 力士サイズになる料理

5. The Fifth Taste / 第五の味覚

6. The Hardest Fish in the World / 世界一硬い魚

7. The Fishmonger's Fishmonger / 魚屋の魚屋

8. Real Wasabi / 本物のワサビ

9. Kitchen Tool Paradise / 道具の楽園かっぱ橋

10. Chopstick Style / 箸の流儀

11. Holy Crab! / カニ、カニ、北海道

12. The Seaweed King in the North / 北の海藻キング

13. The Ramen King / ラーメンキング

14. Tofu, The Magic of Kyoto / 京の魔法・豆腐


16. Japanese Sake Crisis / 日本酒の危機

17. Sushi & Beyond / すしの源に

18. The World's Fastest Fast Food
/ 世界最速のファストフード・大阪

19. Mad About Miso / 発酵マニアがつくるミソ

20. Michael's Delusion / マイケルの妄想

21. Samurai Shoyu-Down / サムライのしょうゆ

22. The Secret to Long Life / 長寿のヒケツ

23. The Naked Fellowship / 裸のつきあい

24. Eating Japan / 日本を食べる

25. Sushi and Beyond - An English Family Eats New Year's
/ 英国一家、正月を食べる (49 min.)