• 13 x 15 min.
  • EED5S004-001~013
  • English, Spanish, French, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

An Untamed Wilderness and the Last Frontier
In commemoration of its 50th anniversary of TV broadcasting, NHK established a broadcasting station in Antarctica. This series explores the key themes of the global environment, nature, animals and people living there.

1. Penguins Cry Out on World Pollution / ペンギンが語る地球汚染

2. The Expanding Ozone Hole / ひろがるオゾンホール

3. Melting Ice Caps Cover the Earth / とける氷が地球を覆う

4. The Future of Humanity Hidden in the Ice / 氷に秘められた人類の行く末

5. The World of Minus 80 Degrees / 氷点下80度の世界

6. White Summer, Black Winter / 暗黒の冬、白夜の夏

7. Nourishing Antarctica's Biosphere / 生命あふれる南極共生圏

8. The Moving Ice Delivers Meteorites / 動く氷がいん石を運ぶ

9. Were There Dinosaurs in Antarctica? / 南極に恐竜がいた!?

10. Window of the Universe, the Mystery of the Aurora / 宇宙の窓・オーロラの神秘

11. The Last Frontier / 最後の秘境を目指せ

12. Living on the Vast Land of Ice / 氷の大地に生きる

13. A Continent Without Borders / 国境のない大陸