NEWThe New Adventures of Rockie and Her Friends新・ざわざわ森のがんこちゃん

  • 30 x 10 min.
  • EED4S010-001~030
  • English, Spanish, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

“The New Adventures of Rockie and Her Friends” is a puppet action show targeted for pre-school and early primary grade children. The story revolves around Rockie, a free-spirited girl in a family of new-breed dinosaurs, set in a distant future where humans have gone extinct and several surviving creatures have formed a community. Through her day-to-day interactions with her family and her schoolmates, Rockie learns some basic wisdoms in social behavior such as prudence, courtesy, fair play, and tolerance. The upbeat comedy entertainment format is suitable for both children and their families.

1. The New Picture Book Room / あたらしい絵本室

2. Rockie Meets the Wolf / がんこちゃんとオオカミ

3. The Search for Puckoo’s Scales / プクーのうろこをさがせ

4. Curly Climbs the Treasure Tree / チョビくんとたからの木

5. Rockie and the Nightingale / がんこちゃんとナイチー鳥

6. Rockie Goes to the Palace Ball / がんこちゃんのぶとうかい

7. The Mushroom Witch Returns / かがみよ かがみ きにょ~ん

8. Rocco Plants a Magic Seed / がんぺーちゃんとまほうのたね

9. Beware of the Gingerbread House / くいしんぼうとおかしの家

10. A Trip Under the Full Moon / まんげつのおさんぽ

11. What Are Greetings For? / あいさつはだれのため?

12. Who’s Good at What? / バンバンのにがてなこと

13. Strangers and Friends / みえないおともだち?

14. Is It Fair? Is It Unfair? / ずるい?ずるくない?

15. What Shelly Really Wanted to Say / ツムちゃんのいいたかったこと

16. Are We Different? Are We the Same? / ちがう?おなじ?

17. The Runaway Pencils / えんぴつの家出

18. The Voice Unheard / とどかないこえ

19. Rapper’s Hit Song / ラッパーのはやりうた

20. Agreeing and Disagreeing / さんせい?はんたい?

21. All Thanks to You / きみがいたから

22. Working It Out with Juras / ギャオくんといっしょ

23. Sweet Little Rocco / ちっちゃいがんぺーちゃん

24. Fun Sounds / たのしいおと

25. The Day Rockie Was Born / がんこちゃんのうまれたひ

26. The Messenger Birds / でんごんツバン

27. Showing of Affection / きもちのこうかんこ

28. Rockie and the Fibber Flowers / がんこちゃんとウソの花

29. The Promise with Curly / チョビくんのやくそく

30. New Discoveries in a Familiar Place / しらなかったけどあったもの